What makes Angelina Jolie Special

There's a reason why Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie's called. But even four years after the fact, there are still many - particularly those in Camp Aniston - who still question the competence of Brad.

So why did Brad Pitt fall into the charms of Angelina? Why she is the favorite of the paparazzi? Why is every man's fantasy woman and the female on the planet we all want to be?

In short, what makes Angelina Jolie so special? This is what we know.

Superior Genes

Angelina Jolie Voight was born Marcheline Bertrand documentary producer and actor Jon Voight, no doubt inherited the best of both sides. His father is of German descent and Slovakia, while his mother was French-Canadian with some Iroquois, who is said to have manifested themselves in exotic infamous Angelina. Angie has a face that is a replica of her mother almost complete, but reinforced by the angelic face of his father.

Angelina is probably best known for her full lips. Although plastic surgery rumors have circulated in the area during the time that has been at the center of attention, none have been substantiated. She is tall and very thin and sculpted physique is to die for and one that seems tailor-made for Hollywood. At present, there is no sign of giving birth to twins recently.

The attitude and tattoos

Probably not a week goes by that there is no new story Angelina uncovered by the press. In the early days of both his life and career, she was the wild child. As a child of 14 years of age, who aspired to become a funeral director, was not wearing anything black, and dyed her hair purple. Around this time, she was living with her boyfriend then and spent her time moshing.

In 1996, he married actor Jonny Lee Miller in black rubber pants and a white shirt with his name written on it with their blood. Eventually she divorced and married to actor Billy Bob Thornton in 2000. Throughout the marriage, both wore vials of blood from each other in the neck. In 2005, he became part of a highly publicized scandal when it emerged that she was the reason for the Pitt-Aniston breakup. The rest as they say, is history.

Apart from his tumultuous love life, his relationship with his father was also very widely spoken. A kiss shared with his brother the night he won an Oscar fueled speculation of an incestuous relationship, which is vehemently denied.

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Angie does not have an agent or publicist. She is always very outspoken in interviews and very open about their sexual preferences. It is, in fact, it is no wonder that the favorite Hollywood bad girl. And if people are not talking about his antics, they're talking about the new tattoo of Angelina Jolie.

Angelina sports numerous tattoos on various parts of your body. To the delight of the audience, which has absolutely no qualms about baring your body on the screen, so tattoos are more often than not, a common fixture in most of his films. Today is 13 and has had laser hair removal at least 3.

The Raw Talent

Probably the thing about the definition of Angelina is not the fact that it's practically showbiz royalty, or even that she is beautiful. It is the fact that she is a very talented actress.

Although it has been constantly typecast in "bad girl" roles in the early days of his career so far, it actually had a pretty impressive number of critically acclaimed roles. She won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 1999 for her role as Lisa Rowe in Girl, Interrupted, and was recently nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her role in Changeling. She also had several Emmy nominations and Golden Globe winning several.

In fact, as shown by the talent estranged or not, Angelina is definitely his father's daughter!

The Mighty Heart

Undoubtedly, Angelina Jolie is one of the most recognized humanitarian celebrities there. After filming Tomb Raider in Cambodia, joined UNHCR and has since visited refugee camps around the world regularly.

In 2002, she adopted Maddox was born in Cambodia. Three years later, she and Brad adopted a girl, Zahara, from Ethiopia. In 2007, she returned home to open another child, this time from Vietnam, he called Pax.

Along with their biological children with Brad, Shiloh and twins Knox and Vivienne, Angelina is the mother of 6 children - and he has no plans of stopping there. Not only that, she and Brad started the foundation Jolie / Pitt in 2006 to help children affected by conflict.

In fact, there are many reasons to love Angelina, and no reason not to. Not only has captured the heart of the most beautiful man in the world, has also captivated the rest of the world with their beauty, style and compassion. Angelina Jolie is beyond special - she is one of a kind.

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